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Gecko Glass & Accessories Logo

Who are we?

GECKO GLASS Accessories

Gecko Glass & Accessories is a Swakopmund-based, family-owned business that first opened its doors in 2007. We currently have 14 staff who place our customer's needs above all else. That's why we provide services in Swakopmund with quick turnarounds, including replacing and fixing windscreens and Autoglass, same-day on-site replacement of windscreens, free chip repair with a new windscreen replacement, free assessment of cracks and chips, etc. We employ or train accredited and certified installers and ensure that your windscreen replacement is to the highest industry standard. To know more about what we can offer, call or visit our replacement centre in Swakopmund or Otjiwarongo. Our philosophy is, once you're a customer of Gecko Glass, we will work hard to keep you a customer for life. We also offer wholesale, so enquiries are welcome.


Family-owned, owner-operated business with a customer-first approach - we place your needs above all else. Don't hesitate to ask us for faster turn-around-time, the best prices and deals. We offer quality workmanship assured with over 25 years experience - Your car will be looked after by accredited installers, ensuring the best care possible. While we provide same-day service, we do our best to replace your glass as soon as we can. Including after-hours prices suitable for the customer, we try our best to manage the replacement in your budget, so don't hesitate to negotiate. We also offer after-hours services.


Achieve total customer satisfaction in quality, delivery, service and value.


People are the foundation of our success. We treat everyone with respect, courtesy and fairness.


Honesty is a core value to build relationships and earn a favourable industry reputation.


Service fulfilment on commitments is a guiding principle. ‘On time and complete’ order processing is our conviction.


Commitment & dedication are key qualities within our people necessary to attain success.

Gecko Glass NOW HAS 2 workshops 

Majority of our installers are loyal to the company and have been with us for over 5 years plus , and abide by our philosophy of putting our customers first.


We have two purpose built windscreen workshops, one in Swakopmund, near the Super Spar in town, and the other in Otjiwarongo.


"Great service from Gecko Glass who went out of their way to replace my windshield. The best place to use in the Swakop area!!"

—  Renier Els

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