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Windscreens need repairing or replacing because of stone or impact damage, chip sandblasting, cracks and wear and tear. All of this damage can make the car unroadworthy and downgrades the vision for the driver, especially at night !! It also can affect the safety of the occupants in the car in the event of a major accident, as the airbags when deployed need the windscreen to be in good order to work properly!! 

Replacing Tractor Glass
Replacing Car Door Glass
Replacing Van Windshield
Car Glass Replacement

We replace and install all vehicle glass from the windshield to vent glass.


Armourplate (side & back glass)





At Gecko Glass, we know that downtime of your truck negatively impacts your business. That’s why we can replace your damaged glass quickly – be it windscreen, side or rear glass - onsite or our workshop, and with minimal hassle to you.


We have a wide range of windscreens especially manufactured and sourced for trucks at both our workshops. Both our workshops are equipped to house and repair your trucks overnight. So, if you are too busy to bring your trucks during the day, take advantage of our overnight replacement service.


Our expert installers, who have many years of experience, are standing by to keep your rig on the road. So, when you call to order a windscreen or glass replacement, keep this information handy:

  • Year

  • make

  • and model of the vehicle in question

This will ensure we have the correct glass for replacement.

Let us know when you need the replacement completed, and keep in mind some windscreens

are glued in and require to time to bond before driving.

We can fit your vehicle with an aftermarket or original windscreen, depending on your requirement, in as little time as possible. Our expertise in the field of windscreen replacement of heavy vehicles has earned the goodwill and trust of the local dealerships and the various Namibian based insurance companies.


Gecko Glass now offers a range of vehicle accessories by numerous brands, most prominently protection bars such as Nudge Bars & Bull Bars. We also stock a range of Tow Bars. We also supply Bonnet & Lights covers for various models. Visit our office to view our range of Auto Accessories.


A great solution for protection from minor bumps and scrapes as well as adding value to your vehicle. We stock a range of sizes and brands.


For frontal protection - substantially improved protection and a solid base for mounting other accessories like driving lights and winches.


A  tow bar is a device attached to the chassis of a vehicle for towing, and some vehicles do not come equipped with them standard or some are equipped with inferior products.


Protects the bonnet of your vehicle from stone chips while enhancing the vehicles looks. No drilling required to fit. 


Cover your vehicle's eyes with ultimate protection against impacts while giving a rugged look to your vehicle with our great collection of premium light guards.


Supply and installation of range of accessories like winches, snorkels and lights.

Contact us regarding our range of

auto products and accessories.